The Difference

Good home design requires a deep understanding of
construction materials, building methods, and real human behaviour.

We have families too, and we know the impact that a well-designed home can have on daily life. That’s why you’ll find dozens of thoughtful upgrades, intuitive touches and impressive construction choices in every Raicon home. On their own, these differences can seem like small details, but together they make our homes greater than the sum of their parts.
With Raicon, luxury upgrades come standard.

Woman opening closet


A German term that literally translates to “readiness-to-hand,” Zuhandenheit is the quality of an object that is so perfectly designed, so well suited to our goals, that it becomes a natural part of our everyday life.

Raicon builds homes with that same philosophy. Your home should be a seamless, natural fit to your everyday life. Thoughtful design, luxury upgrades and materials, and quality construction should work together to create an exceptional living space both inside and out.

It’s our ultimate goal:
Every element, every detail, every home: perfect in every way.

The Homes

We're building
a better home company

There are only so many ways you can frame a house, construct a wall or paint a room. A builder that does things right should be the least of your expectations. A builder that does things better, however, has a level of pride, skill, experience and dedication that can be harder to find.
That’s where Raicon shines.